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Marriage Counseling: A Matter of Perspective


Marriage is probably one of the toughest challenges anyone can take on, and yet most couples go into it blithely, confident that love will prevail. Unfortunately, love will not pay the bills, do the dishes, change diapers, or compensate for slovenly habits.

Many people realize too late that marriage has practical as well as emotional aspects, and that love alone is not enough. The thing is, most couples are afraid at the start of the marriage to voice their concerns and opinions for fear of causing problems, and by the time they are no longer afraid, they are too angry, too contemptuous, or too tired to try and communicate them in a constructive manner. As a result, more than half of all marriages in the US end up in divorce.

The cause of many marriages that are in trouble can be boiled down to one thing: failure to communicate. While it may seem a simple matter, it is more difficult to counteract than it sounds. Most people have a hard time expressing the way they truly feel, especially when there is already a lot of baggage in the bin and water under the bridge.

The tragic thing is the love that these couples started out with is usually still there, but buried deep beneath hurt feelings, issues with in-laws, arguments about work, and problems with money. Because they are too close to it, many couples find it difficult to work out their issues on their own. This is where experienced marriage counseling can be invaluable.

A third party can act as a mirror so that troubled couples can get an objective perspective of the situation. With a qualified Austin marriage counselor providing point, couples can gradually work out their problems and get down to what really matters: their relationship. Once this is established, it will be much easier to communicate with each other to avoid future problems.

If you find yourself in a troubled marriage, go to marriage counseling with a reputable professional with ample experience in helping couples get through turbulent weather. Sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective to see what truly lies behind the stress and tension between you and your spouse.

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