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Hidden Risks in the Workplace


Hidden Risks in the Workplace

Whether you work on a construction site or an office, you are still prone to accidents and injuries. Maybe you get hurt because of your own inattentiveness and recklessness, or maybe because of your employer’s negligence. But it doesn’t change the fact that you are injured, and you may lose time at work because of it.

A lot of employees need help with their workers’ compensation application, and even with the legal help, there are times where they don’t really get compensation, especially if the accident and injury is their fault. To avoid the pain of injuries and the legal hassles they bring, it is just better to avoid accidents altogether.

Defective office equipment and facilities

Malfunctioning coffeemakers, overheating desktops and laptops, and defective elevators and escalators, are just some of the equipment and facilities in the work area that can cause accidents. If you see these defects, report them to your immediate supervisor so they can do something about them.

Poorly maintained work areas

Disorganized and cluttered work spaces are also very risky. Opened cabinets, pieces of paper on the floor, loose cables from laptops, worn carpets, and unattended spilled drinks are the most common causes of slipping, tripping, and falling in the office.

Inherent hazards

Even properly maintained work spaces can be prone to hazards, such as air and fire problems. Failure to properly circulate air, ventilate the area, or letting dangerous air inside the office can cause eye and lung problems. Fire hazards like overheating equipment, overusing of electrical systems, and having combustible materials can result into fires, explosions, burn injuries, and lung issues.

Poor Ergonomics

Comfort is an underrated aspect of the workplace, but overlooking it can have devastating consequences to the body. If your work station is not properly adjusted, you may have neck, shoulder, back, and wrist problems. Without adequate lighting, you may sustain eye problems. Without the proper neutralizer of unnecessary sound, you may get distracted and this may contribute to your stress levels and mental effectiveness.

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